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Latin America is witnessing the emergence and growth of a new species of companies that is transforming our business landscape: Tecnolatinas, i.e. technology-based private companies born in the region. Most of them are entrepreneur-driven digital ventures with an international footprint. They can already be counted by the thousands and are spreading beyond the Internet into new spaces like biotechnology, digital medicine, renewable energy, software security, space tech, fintech and agtech.

This report provides the first map of the most valuable Tecnolatinas and the first comprehensive view of this new phenomenon. Most people are not aware about their strategic relevance, their diversity, their distinctive business practices and their quickly evolving footprint. Our goal is to close that awareness gap and to show investors, corporations, academia, media and governments why they should be dedicating more time and attention to these companies and the opportunities they bring out.

The report aims at providing answers to the following issues:

  • How many Tecnolatinas there are, where they come from and how relevant they are
  • Why they are strategically relevant and how to identify the sweet spots in their ecosystem
  • Why they are emerging now.  Is this another bubble?
  • What their playbook is and which the toolkit they resort to; how they envision their local/regional/global playground; what approach to management and strategy they use; how they balance entrepreneurial spirit and growth
  • What the new frontiers and scenario drivers are, and in which of them Tecnolatinas may flourish in coming years
  • Who the stakeholders are  and what they should be doing to make the most of this rapidly evolving trend
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