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Tecnolatinas Profiles

We selected and profiled a set of Tecnolatinas to provide a sense of the relevance, breadth of scope and ambition of these young companies:  

  • Afluenta: A peer to peer lending platform, this startup brings investors and borrowers together, allowing the first ones to loan money to the second ones, and profit from the interests.
  • Mercadolibre: leading marketplace and one of the top ten global e-commerce companies
  • Despegar: one of the global top five online travel agencies, present in 21 countries
  • Satellogic: building a constellation of nanosatellites to provide affordable commercial grade images from space
  • Bluesmart: created the first smart connected suitcase raising US$2.2M on Indiegogo
  • Open English: provides online English language education, reaching almost half a million students across the Americas
  • B2W: one of Latin America’s largest digital companies, and one of the world’s largest in the e-commerce space
  • Dafiti: regional fashion online retailer and marketplace
  • Etermax: a mobile game developer with over 60 million monthly active users worldwide
  • Guiabolso: a personal finance application with over 5 million downloads
  • Globant: creates digital products focused on serving large clients in developed countries
  • Hotel Urbano: large pure online travel agent with exclusive focus on the Brazilian market
  • Nubank: a digitally managed credit card business with over a million users in Brazil
  • OLX: craigslist of emerging markets, with presence in 40 countries, focus outside Latam
  • CargoX:  a Brazilian startup that has been described as the “Uber “for trucks

We also profiled two up-and-coming global Tecnolatinas to illustrate the potential that lies beneath and beyond our Radar

  • Semtive: developed innovative home-scale wind generators and hybrid street light posts and became the first Singularity University company from outside the US
  • Mural: invented a visual digital board for online brainstorming, synthesis and collaboration that is being adopted globally by players such IBM and IDEO

The detailed profiles are provided in the appendix of the report.

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