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 The Company With the Vision and Skills to Game the AppStore

Industry: Apps, Gaming
Country: Argentina
CEO: Maximo Cavazzani
Website: http://etermax.com/
HQ: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Employees: 105

The world is bursting with App developers and game producing studios. However, few are able to prove the success the Argentines at Etermax have shown in only a few years since its inception. Founded in 2009 by Maximo Cavezzani, a computer engineering graduate from the Buenos Aires Institute of Technology (ITBA), the company is a true garage-based software development story, as having started from scratch it now claims it has developed the most downloaded software packages in the world, and has over 150 million active users for its apps.

To date Etermax’s portfolio comprises of titles such as Trivia Crack, Trivia Crack Kingdoms, Skydoms, Aworded, Word Crack, Bingo Crack, FC Barcelona Trivia Fans and Real Madrid Trivia Fans. The largest success for the company to date is Trivia Crack, with 130 million downloads, which had it on the first position of the US version of the Apple AppStore for 66 days, ahead of seemingly unbeatable titans such as Facebook Messenger, Youtube, and Snapchat. And this was far from being a US only hit, as the game has users in over 36 countries, most of which saw it trend on its different application stores.

This company’s products show impressive numbers, the kind of numbers that might even make the giant Zynga jealous. Adding up to a total of 200 million installations, 20 million active users per day, 60 million users per month, 85 minutes of gameplay per month per user, 500 million impressions a month, and three billion games sessions in the last year, Etermax has collected an impressive set of metrics only a small elite of developers have ever been able to show for.

Before Trivia Crack the company created Apalabrados, a social game where opponents try to combine all of the letters on a board to form words. Apalabrados broke all records in the Latin American and Spanish user base with 10 million users, a record in itself considering the scope of the Spanish speaking market.

Unlike other successful startups in the region, Etermax didn’t receive funding on its early stages. Instead, the company opted to bootstrap its business using its own resources. This way it has neither sought, nor received, external investment to date. The strategy was based on an effective implementation with low marketing investment, wholly centered on satisfying the demands of their users. Cavazzani’s vision was to rely on player to player word-of-mouth, a vert risky and unconventional decision taking in account the massive investment some of the leaders in the segment are making to reach the top positions in the app store, but it proved to be correct and it paid off!

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