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Semtive: Leading the Renewables Revolution in Latin America

Estimated Valuation USD $1.2 million

Industry: Energy

Country: Argentina

CEO: Ignacio Juarez

Website: http://semtive.com

HQ: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Full time employees: 10

Clean energy will represent the largest single source of electricity generation growth over the upcoming years and decades. Hence its business potential is enormous, as demand for new technologies and devices capable of capturing the energy of the sun, the wind and other clean sources. And that is exactly what Semtive is set to do.

Founded in 2009 by Ignacio Juárez and Nicolás Cevenaro, this company was conceived with the idea of developing renewable energy solutions at reasonable pricing, making the switch to these kinds of production methods more attractive both for governments, individuals, and private institutions.

Semtive’s two most notorious products are the vertical axis wind turbine Nemoi, and Move, a portable power generator.

With respect to Nemoi; this is a type of wind-turbine suitable for both urban and rural applications. It is designed so that it does not need to be oriented (pointed) into the wind, which makes it much easier to install and use. The versatility of the product implies that in urban environments, where buildings deflect wind, Nemoi can still generate power even when turning very slowly, doing this silently. This is a characteristic most wind power generators don’t share, giving it a significant advantage over its competing products.

All materials used in the manufacture of Nemoi are long lasting and 95% recyclable.

Semtive’s mission is to manufacture simple, lightweight, efficient and inexpensive generators in a sustainable and cost-effective manner.

The Move generator combines a wind turbine and a solar power that can generate up to 2,500watts of renewable energy. It also includes two batteries that can store up to 105 Ah capacity each and. The equipment is designed for urban environments such as balconies, terraces and gardens: anywhere where there is an air current and the sun shines. An important factor is that the turbine may be separated from the battery, which can be installed on roofs and balconies. Move weighs less than 75 kilos and, when dismantled, it can fit in the trunk of a car.

In a world where fossil fuels are no longer sustainable in the long term due to projected climbing prices led by more expensive techniques for exploration and extraction; to a constant rise in demand, that will accelerate as more countries develop a larger middle class and consumer base; and in which the need for clean production techniques, in contrast with high pollutants like oil and coal, low-priced decentralized solutions such as the ones offered by Semtive may proof invaluable.

In a first-round of investments, the company received seed funding from the NXTP Labs fund. It is now part of the incubation program in the Singularity University in San Francisco, in the US. And that is not it, the company is constantly being praised by various institutions, and has been named as one of the most innovative in the region by the MIT. Additionally, it has already signed contracts with some local governments, such as the Government of the City of Buenos Aires, which has started to install its generators in different public spaces.

Semtive’s mission is to become the largest provider of clean energy solutions for commercial, industrial, residential and public applications, contributing to sustainable electrical energy generation at low cost. And they certainly are on track.

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