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Mural: Empowering Collaboration May Mean Good Business

Industry: Enterprise Software, Visualization, Experience Design, Design, Collaboration, SaaS 

CEO: Mariano Suarez-Battan

Website: https://mural.ly

HQ: San Francisco, California

        Buenos Aires, Argentina

Full time employees: 25

Mural.ly: Empowering Collaboration May Mean Good Business

Business applications are always rich ground for innovation for entrepreneurs around the world. But they are more than that. They are a great opportunity to develop a loyal set of customers who are used and very much willing to pay for a subscription for a product that will ease their pain. Founded in 2011 by Johnny G. Halife and Mariano Suarez-Battan, Mural does a great job easing one major pain many designers, programmers, creatives, and all kinds of professionals have when it comes to working on collaborative projects with their teams. And so, it’s no wonder it’s been a success.

Mural.ly enables remote creative teams to collaborate on research, on the exchange of ideas and on design ideas via digital murals or canvases that are super easy to use and to interact with. These online blackboards allow users to add different types of content, and to organize this content in a way that makes sense to them.

In an industry where there’s a great need for project management tools that allow teams spread out through different offices, or that work in a completely remote manner, a tool that can solve the problem faced by millions of creatives has great chances of success. And that is the case of this application.

Mural.ly currently has 625 thousand users including creative teams from organizations like McBeard, Ideo, Disney, Autodesk, Steekcase, Stanford Business, IBM, Paypal, Globant, Yummly and Aerolab, among many others. They use the tool to describe in words, images and movements stuff and ideas that cannot be conceptualized with just the written word, but which must, instead, be visualized.

So far the company has obtained USD $2 million in seed investment. Investors include Collaborative Fund, 500 Startups, Altaventures Mexico, Intel Capital and NXTP Labs. Previously they had received the support of angel investors like John Paul Capello, Meyer Makla, Bedy Yang, Wences Casares, Esteban Sosnik, Inspirit Angels, Paul Ashtrom and Rogelio De los Santos.

Suarez-Battan and ‘Pato’ Jutard had previously formed a company called Three Melons in 2005. Three Melons was a video game studio that created the first advergame connecting users with advertisers. Among its products was the game LEGO® Indiana Jones 2 The Adventure Continues which attracted more than 10 million users Worldwide. In 2010 the company was acquired by Playdom, the company responsible for Disney Interactive’s portfolio. So these are not some improvised newcomers to the entrepreneurial scene. They are seasoned entrepreneurs who discovered a great pain in a previous venture, and found a solution that turned out to help thousands and make great margins in the process.

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